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Cliff Van Doren Gallery #11




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1AFRS_Crew_1947.jpg (175514 bytes)

Standing Left to Right: 


Sgt. Ellis O. Turner (Asst. Chief Engineer) 

Sgt. Jay Lundy (Asst. Chief Announcer) 

Pfc. August Baes

WAC Pfc. Pat Baca (clerk) 

Pfc. Alex Nevedosky 

Lt. Alan R. Willis (Officer In Charge) 

T/4 Ben Berman

Left to right kneeling in front: 

Pfc. Cliff Van Doren 

S/Sgt. Walter Reeves (Chief Engineer)

Cpl. Jim Ganoom

Pfc. Don Snell 

S/Sgt. Bernie Crocker 

T/4. Dayton Nobles (Chief Announcer)

Sgt. Leon Kennedy 


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