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Cliff Van Doren Gallery #2



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1AFRSAnniversary.jpg (135879 bytes)

News Publicity photo

In “The Caribbean Breeze” late June 1947 Edition reads .. "On the Air” Daily for 5 Years.  AFRS entering its 6th year of world-wide broadcasting.

 In the Albrook Post newspaper.. The caption reads “Armed Forces Radio Serves Albrook and Panama Canal Area”

  • Sgt Jay Lundy  - Chief Announcer (left) 

    • Hosted "Gems" program daily at 1:30PM

  • Capt Allan R. Willis - OIC (Center) 

    • recently promoted from 1st LT

  • T/5 August Baes - (right)

1Control_Room_Trio.jpg (124770 bytes)

Control room

AFRS Albrook Field late 1947

  • Cpl Ray Mundis  (seated left)

  • Sgt Glen Henning (standing left rear)

  • T/5 Dave Edwards (Standing right)

Note: Shelves in center contain program records for the week

Records stored in rear are the AFRS record library

1DaveEdwards1947.jpg (115181 bytes)

Albrook Studios 1947



Dave Edwards



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