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Cliff Van Doren Gallery #4




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0A-Studio_1,2,3.jpg (127787 bytes)


Kenneth H. (Kenny) Himes (left)

Cliff Van Doren (right)




with the "prop" advertising a Navy show, Hosted by Kenny.


Note: Cliff's shoulder patch still reflected the Panama Canal Department. The station "Baby Grand" piano is seen in the rear.

0B-Studio_1,2,3.jpg (139539 bytes)

Cliff (Louis) Van Doren 


Note:  the object on the table were a set of chimes which produced tones when struck by the small rubber "mallet" in Cliff's left hand. AFRS used it when announcing the time ..Bong, Bong, Bong. To the right ,you can see the edge of the bench at the "Hammond" electric organ.

0C-Studio_1,2,3.jpg (115896 bytes)

 Kenny Himes


at the Announcing desk.




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