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Cliff Van Doren Gallery #5




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1SCN48.jpg (118894 bytes)

Building 209 Ft Clayton, CZ

December 1948 

The first few months in the new home of AFRS, later to become CFN and finally SCN

There were open screened windows & no trees. A small sign was erected near the curb. The canopy over the walkway was still under construction. There was no Parking area

1outside209.jpg (118532 bytes)

View from building 209

Early 1949


staff  engineer Ray Mundis is crossing the street after coming from chow. The AFRS crew ate with members of the 7461st SERVICE UNIT (SIGNAL) The mess hall was in about the 3rd Bldg behind Ray. Note the growth of the trees compared to photos from later years.

1Approaching_Albrook.jpg (130245 bytes)


Aerial approach to Albrook AFB over Panama City

1C47.jpg (119714 bytes)



Albrook Field 1947




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