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These are the faces and names of the Staff, Crew and Personalities at CFN-SCN throughout the decades from their origins as PCAN & PCAC. This is just a quick glance. The biographies contain the full details on each person which we have available... which are also organized by Decade. Once you view the names and faces you can go to the biographies for more info on each. If there is any missing or incorrect info... please send it to us. We have no records. They were destroyed by an incomprehensible order provided to the Pentagon by a former staff member. All details on our website and biographies were provided by word of mouth from other SCN veterans from memory... which is pretty amazing considering we have 1000 names and 5000 pages of photos.

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Some pages are pending & will be added when complete

1940's Names & Faces A-Z       1940's biographies A-Z
1950's Names & Faces A-Z 1950's biographies A-Z
1960's Names & Faces A-M 1960's biographies A-M
1960's Names & Faces N-Z 1960's biographies N-Z
1970's Names & Faces A-M 1970's biographies A-M
1970's Names & Faces N-Z 1970's biographies N-Z
1980's Names & Faces A-M 1980's biographies A-M
1980's Names & Faces N-Z 1980's biographies N-Z
1990's Names & Faces A-M 1990's biographies A-M
1990's Names & Faces N-Z 1990's biographies N-Z

In Memory A-Z 1940-1999





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