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Gary Hannes Photo Gallery 

CFN photos #1




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Gary Hannes & Kirk Douglas

(after CFN)

CFN OIC Lt John Zachary & Wife

Gerry Sturges & Tom Sherman

 TV Studio

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?? in Master Control 

viewing TV Studio

AJ Carothers & Jim Anderson

Discussing production

Bruce Glenn & Ron Harper (Prop cig holder) & ?? friends

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Gary Hannes, Jim Anderson,

AJ Carothers & friend

Ron Eaton & Jim Anderson

Radio Studio

??, Ted Isaacman, Jim Anderson, Gary Hannes (standing) & Ron Eaton

Big CFN Radio Studio

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Gen Fulgencio Batista (Pres of Cuba)

Gov Wm E Potter (right)

Jim Anderson interviewing Batista

OAS conference July 21, 1956

Gary Hannes interviewing Jim Haggarty

(Ike's Press Secretary) at conference

Civilian Attire required

President Eisenhower in Panama

CFN covers 1st Presidential level OAS 

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Jim Anderson &

 Jose Morris (San Blas House boy)

Unknown Engineer filming Promo's

Gary Hannes 

Official boot camp army photo

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AJ Carothers on the news Jim Anderson on the news AJ Carothers on the news
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Gary Hannes & John Wayne

(after CFN)

CFN Signatures for going away party

Becky, Gary Hannes & Mom

home at Virreyes

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