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Gary Hannes Photo Gallery 

CFN photos #2




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E barro colorado 2 - Balboa station.jpg (112513 bytes) E barro colorado 6.jpg (109902 bytes) E barro colorado 1.jpg (111366 bytes)
Jim Anderson, Gerry Sturges & ?? Waiting at Balboa Train Station Jim Anderson at Frijoles Train Station Barro Colorado Island
E studio shot.jpg (112521 bytes) E pauline kael.jpg (101198 bytes) E anderson getting ready forn interview.jpg (121536 bytes)
?? & Zachary viewing TV studio from Control Room

Pauline Kael interviewing Joan Leslie, Susan Hayward & Jane Russell on Panorama

Jim Anderson interviewing ??
E2 Gary Rogers Lui.jpg (131922 bytes) E3 Gary Rogers Lui.jpg (113998 bytes) E barro colorado 3.jpg (154990 bytes)

Gary Hannes, Gary Rogers, Giancarlo Lui & ??

Control room

Same photo unedited

??, Jim Anderson center

Gerry Sturges right

E john eaton.jpg (102130 bytes) E barro colorado 5.jpg (113987 bytes) E jim and gary.jpg (81344 bytes)
John Eaton Jim Anderson wet

Gary Hannes & Jim Anderson

at CFN

E Top.jpg (80348 bytes) E crop Jim Pattison, Lt. Zachary.jpg (81287 bytes) E Jim Pattison, Lt. Zachary.jpg (91796 bytes)

Uncle Jim & Tinker

Children's radio promo photo

Jim Pattison, Lt Zachary & ??

Watching "The Studio"

Jim Pattison, Lt Zachary & ??

Watching "The Studio"

E barro colorado 4.jpg (118167 bytes)
Jim Anderson wet





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