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Gary Hannes Photo Gallery 

CFN photos #3




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E aj carothers and dance partner.jpg (100771 bytes) E control room 1956.jpg (98093 bytes) E crop building  209 1956.jpg (98386 bytes)
AJ Carothers & dance partner rehearsing for "The Studio"

Control Room 1956 

(before TV went on air)

CFN 1956 & ?? 
E Gary Rodgers Channing GRigsby.jpg (84485 bytes) E jim sports.jpg (119950 bytes) E sherman adama jim.jpg (107259 bytes)

?? in Control room with

Channing Grigsby & Gary Rodgers 

in studio

Jim Anderson Sports & ? on Camera

Jim Anderson interviewing Pres Sec Sherman Adams at Mira Flores

July 21, 1956

E jim with ambassador from Brazil.jpg (91471 bytes) E learman & jim duex.jpg (87727 bytes)

Jim Anderson & 

Brazil Ambassador: Dr Fernando Lebo

Jim Duex & Richard Learman





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