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SCN History 

SCN began in 1940 from the initiative of three members of the Panama Coast Artillery Corp who built two small bootleg 50 watt radio stations operating 4 hours per day for the 30,000 soldiers spread through the jungle manning anti-aircraft guns. They named their stations PCAN (Pacific) and PCAC (Atlantic). Artillery News editor Clay Doster sent a letter to NBC's Blue Network for some old recordings and music to play for his troops and set off a firestorm of publicity when NBC later adopted the two small stations on Sept 1941 and subsequently expanded their broadcasts to small short-wave stations around the world. Doster was the founder who created SCN and AFRS. The military AFRS did not originally provide wartime entertainment as they claimed. Instead, the embarrassed military sent out special services personnel to take over control of these stations and transferred the original founders out of the area. A political action. When NBC was forced by an anti-trust suit to divest the Blue Network in Oct 1943, that is when we see the first mention of AFRS in any publication. At this point, the new AFRS had to step up to the plate to mediate to obtain continuing troop entertainment from the 3 networks. The bootleg call letters were dropped for the Navy WVUL, WVL & WVUB and new studios were built in Albrook Field (AFB) in 1944. In Dec 1948, they acquired the famed building 209 in Ft Clayton where they built the new studios and became the CFN network. Black & White TV was added in May 1956. In 1964, it became SCN which it would remain until closure. Color TV & FM radio were added in 1975. A DOD satellite was added in 1979 and cable TV finally freed SCN from the Broadcast treaty restrictions in 1990. SCN Honduras was added in 1991. SCN's final produced broadcast was July 1, 1999. Remaining broadcasts were operated through a remote Van until Dec 31, 1999. 

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Closing unit coin presented to SCN Unit members and friends of SCN by Major Gordon Martel, the final SCN Commander in Panama.

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