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SCN Honduras



Click on any photo to enlarge. Courtesy James Kresge

Designed by Paul Kloss

Outside of Building A-11, Soto Cano Air Base,

Comayagua, Honduras after building renovations

June 1997


2 soldier volunteers from B Company, 1-228 Aviation do the midday show in the Power Lizard On-Air Studio, Soto Cano Air Base,

June 1997

SFC James Kresge

SCN Honduras Tech Control Room, Soto Cano Air Base, Honduras

June 1997

Promotion Ceremony

SSG Greg Kaufman, Station Manager

SSG Jim Kresge


November 1, 1991

SPC Gary Sampson

enjoying Thanksgiving Turkey

November 1991

SCN's "friends" from CID & MPI enjoying thanksgiving dinner in the SCN TV Room Bldg A-11, Soto Cano, Honduras

November 1991



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