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The Guestbook Entry Form had to be disabled due to Massive SPAM assaults caused by a saboteur who signed up this site with the SPAM lists. This information was provided by one of the SPAMmers who actually had a conscience about what was happening. So until I can come up with a safe guestbook, you will have to e-mail your guestbook entry to me and I will add it to this page. For your protection, your e-mail address will not be displayed as a clickable link so the sender has to manually input your address. Additionally, your e-mail address will be surrounded with superfluous command-line characters to prevent and confuse internet robots from auto grabbing your address. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 

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Date: Apr 15, 2007
Name: Roy Greenwood
E-mail: //////roycyn at netptc.net/////
Comments: Now retired after 35 years at IBM. Living in North Fork, Calif. about 30 mins. from Yosemite. Still married to Cindy..39 years now. Three kids and 4 grandkids.

Date: Mar 19, 2007
Name: Leroy "Yogi" Youngquist
E-mail: //////dadyogi at msn.com/////
Comments: Living in Meridian, Idaho. Retired and working full time.

Date: Mar 16, 2007
Name: Jim Leach
E-mail: //////jleach at mail.colgate.edu/////
Comments: Great to see photos of some good friends from the late '60s. After 35 years doing public relations/communications for three colleges (SUNY 7 years, Eisenhower College 3 years, Colgate University 25 years), retired in 2005 to start my own business writing/photography/consulting, mostly in higher ed. Three kids, all grown. Married since 1969 to Linda, who joined me in the CZ for our first year of marriage. Living in Hamilton, NY.

Date: Feb 11, 2007
Name: Lee Bayley
E-mail: //////Lee.radio at verizon.net/////
Comments: After all this time I discover the SCN info. In reviewing the staffers I find a lot of them missing and some of them with incorrect or incomplete information. How can I feed you this info?::Lee Bayley::CFN then SCN::1963 thru 1964


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