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Packing up and Moving SCN

Aug 30, 1999

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Click on any photo to enlarge. Courtesy Jim Kresge

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Mundazas y Transportes Buttner wrapping and packing the last of SCN's broadcast equipment to be shipped to SRTV in Washington DC.

A picture of an almost empty tech control facility with only the Microwave transmitter and 1 rack of equipment left for broadcasting Channels 8,14,15 and 16.

(the rack went to Korea and the Microwave went to Germany on 30 Sept 99).

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SCN Engineering personnel hard at work     

From L to R: Lawrence Rouse, Jesus "Chuy" Riquelme, Orlando "Gordo" Lemus (standing), and SSG (P) Luis Leis in what was left of the engineering office.

The last of the SCN equipment and furniture being packed up and sent to Washington DC for use by Soldiers Radio and Television and Army Broadcasting Services. Packing was done by Mundazas y Transportes Buttner

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Digital Audio Studio/Radio Tech Control & Radio Production Studio

Photo of the empty Record Library

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SCN News Room July 1999




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