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PCAN PCAC Photo Gallery 

a Collection of Frank Hawkridge Jr

Original Founding Engineer who built the first stations

(Image of new PCAN sign with Joseph Sonowsky 

& Frank Hawkridge on ladder)


Click here to read True Origin of PCAN-PCAC story & 1941 newspaper articles




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Crew of PCAN 1941

Joe Sonowsky, Frank Hawkridge, Del Trivett, Bill Poor, Larry Moulton

PCAC soldiers 1941 AEF soldiers 1942
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Aug 1941 PCAN-PCAC program Artillery News 1941 Frank Hawkridge Jr 1941
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Sarnoff Article Dec 42 p1 Sarnoff Article Dec 42 p2 Frank Hawkridge Jr ID
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Frank Hawkridge Jr Orders p1 Frank Hawkridge Jr Orders p2





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