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Photos Courtesy Aries D. Early

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Miss Jones Dancer

 SPC Kendrick Washington

(Co-Host of StreetJamz),

Miss Jones (from Hot 97 in New York), Aries Early-- co host of StreetJamz) and another one of Miss Jones' dancers

Aries D. Early

On the Air

"Early in da Morning"

"DJ Wig on StreetJamz"

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Aries D. Early

 Darryl "Derby D"  Leonard

 the News Director

Aries D. Early  

SCNer from 1997 to 1999

Held the positions of News Director, Anchor, Reporter, Studio Operations Manager, Morning show host where he was know as "Early in da Morning" and Co-host of the ever-popular friday night urban show "StreetJamz" where listeners knew him as "Dj Wig".


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