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John Santoro Photo Gallery

CFN 62 - 63


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2UnknownAirforceontheairatSCXN1962-63.JPG (37987 bytes) 2ThinkthisisArtWeinerpointing-ControlRoomSCN1962-63.JPG (32421 bytes)
Unknown Art Weiner pointing

Unknown other 2

Ciokon at dinner with John at Albrook NCO-Officers Club

25 Dec 1962

2ChrisKelly2ndfromleftSCNonair1962-63.JPG (29068 bytes) 2ChrisKellyandunknownonleftatSCN1962-63.JPG (25629 bytes)
Chris Kelley Chris Kelley Middle News set

Unknown other 3

Chris Kelley Right

Unknown left

2ChrisKelly1962-62.JPG (22528 bytes) 2UnknownontheairshotaostationSCNfrommonitorSCN1962.JPG (15806 bytes)
Chris Kelley Joe Ciokon Ft Amador Unknown



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