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Ike Selig's Photo Gallery 

CFN photos


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Ike Selig on the radio





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CFN Pop Shop

Isaac Selig

Jerry Cooper in rear (cropped)

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Bill Segal

?? interviewing actress Terri Moore

on CFN

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Ike Selig on Camera 

for Children's story hours

CFN cartoon wall Mural

E SCN 9.jpg (65890 bytes) E SCN 7.jpg (88706 bytes)
Ike Selig & ??     

Jim Giampaoli CFN artist 

always wrote reports in cartoon form 

such as these  lottery numbers

E SCN 1.jpg (93249 bytes)

Al Hazen signing autographs

on Ike Selig's Pop Shop

 TV Teen Dance show at CFN






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