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Ike Selig's Photo Gallery 

Panama Nature & Arts photos #2




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E madanyon_tree.jpg (158657 bytes) E cashew_nut.jpg (101183 bytes)
Cashew Tree


E almonds.jpg (93257 bytes) E bowls_from_the_choco_natives.jpg (116871 bytes)

Choco Native woven pottery

E SUNDAY JUNE 8 015.jpg (168119 bytes) E SUNDAY JUNE 8 014.jpg (150759 bytes)
Family Curios Family Curios
E pueblito12_mock_up_of_a_san_blas_island.jpg (126201 bytes) E Coronado_beach_with_the_black_sand.jpg (88304 bytes)
Pueblito mockup of San Blas Island     

Coronado Beach with black sand

E coming_up_on_Panama_Viejo._note_the_condos_in_the_background.jpg (101039 bytes) E island_in_Gatun_Lake.jpg (78330 bytes)

Coming up on Panama Viejo 

Condos in the distance

Island in Gatun Lake
E old officers beach.jpg (108636 bytes) E SELIG MOLA 1.jpg (135746 bytes)
Amador Shark Net Family Mola
E scenic49.jpg (80208 bytes) E scenic51.jpg (67550 bytes)
Marina Marina
E scenic47.jpg (97095 bytes) E scenic48.jpg (107477 bytes)
Marina parking Marina parking
0E scenic50.jpg (148272 bytes) 0E scenic53.jpg (89511 bytes)
Marina Marina
Blue Butterflies migrating





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