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SCN TV News Anchors

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molinogross.JPG (189467 bytes)

Don Molino & John Gross

SCN News "Focus"

April 1970


Courtesy Don Molino

parks1.JPG (49956 bytes)

Denny Moore world news

Norm Klug sports

Gary Parks local news




Courtesy Gary Parks



3.JPG (30318 bytes)

 Pete Franquet

Dave Cohen

Making faces


Courtesy Arnie Huberman


rupp2.JPG (66008 bytes)

Bill Knowles

Courtesy Bob Rupp


Terry Goyette

News Set 1971


Del De Montreux

Steve Budkiewicz

Courtesy Steve Momot



Steve Budkiewicz

Courtesy Steve Budkiewicz




Jim Moritz

Steve Budkiewicz

Courtesy Steve Budkiewicz




Paul Hogan

Steve Budkiwicz

Pete Franquet

Courtesy Steve Budkiewicz



Paul Hogan, who could and did do anything. Started in Radio in 1968, worked into News, ended anchoring newscasts.

Courtesy Gerry Fry



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