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Don Molino

News Anchor


Courtesy Michael Russnow


 Bob Rupp

Spanish News Announcer


Spanish speaking locals thought his name was "Herman" Bob Rupp because Bob signed off as 

Airman Bob Rupp. Bob is still teased about his nickname to this day.


Courtesy Michael Russnow

SCNG-SCN-DebG.JPG (24778 bytes)

Deborah Glasford

TV News Anchor

Courtesy Dave Hart


rupp4.JPG (63432 bytes)

 Scott Richards

Courtesy Bob Rupp



Terry Goyette

News Set 1971



Michael Brown

Courtesy Michael Russnow



John Wilson

mid 60's

Courtesy Guntis Kupers


Neil Leiffert alongside Dave Cohen doing "Focus on Today." The massive shoulders at right belong to Air Force Sgt. Carl the "Hulk" Johnson, and the outline at left is none other than Happy Hoyer, running camera

Courtesy Steve Momot


Army Ssgt Migual Padilla...he did Spanish news before "Herman" Bob Rupp a native of Honduras, he was always talking about going back to "my country" to fight the rebels. When he delivered the news he was Mr. Stoic...he could do the whole show, maybe 12 minutes, without moving anything but his lips...

Courtesy Steve Momot


Neil Lieffert  did TV news... this was shot April 1969

Courtesy Steve Momot



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