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SCN TV News Overview





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SCN TV News was broadcast Live twice a day in black and white until the mid-seventies. The earlier news set was created from a simple array of burlap bags neatly overlaid upon the plywood frame. News was broadcast in English and in Spanish. Behind the scenes, the news anchors wore a variety of strange and interesting outfits hidden beneath the News desk.

Channing Grigsby was a CFN News anchor in the 1950's along with Gary Sturges, who was an excellent announcer that provided play by play coverage of Sporting events.

Gunner Bennet was a CFN TV News announcer in the early sixties.

Other SCN TV News anchors who became well known in the mid to late sixties were Tom Kaminski, John Wilson and Del Vaughn. Sports anchors of that time were Jack Harry and Steve Budkiewicz. Tom Kirby anchored both TV News and play by play sports.

In the seventies, one of the more well known TV News announcers was Scott Richards. Don Molino anchored the 10PM News program called "Focus" teamed up with John Gross as the sports co-anchor. Other TV News announcers in the seventies were Del De Montreux, Paul Hogan, Chuck McCann and Terry Goyette. Pete Franquet anchored the News in both English and Spanish. Silvino Castro, Mortimer De Leon and Bob Rupp were the Spanish News anchors during that same time frame. In addition to John Gross, other Sports announcers in the seventies were Ed Johnson and John Nardini.  Deborah Glasford became a well known anchor in the late 70's. Controversies over her non-regulation hairstyles with her NCO's ensued behind the scenes.


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