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Candlelight Club

Performing at Fort Gulick Theater

June 5, 1949


The Candlelight Club under Management of Jerry Whyte

 also performed at the Fort Clayton Service Club

photos & info courtesy Jim & Helen Carroll
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CZ_49-1lgclip.JPG (46467 bytes)

Jean & Blanche Singley

lived in Fort Amador. Father was a barber at 

Quarry Heights. Also a brother who died circa 1950

group.JPG (75156 bytes)

Entire Candlelight Club

Kenny Adams, Seatly McTomas, Ruth Rose, Gene Allen, Terry Icaza, Mike Story, Chris Hanny, Blanche Singley, Jerry Whyte, Jean Singley, Eddie Pitts, Layton Peters, Jack Byrd, Bob Shacton, Gene Byrd

(Several names may be misspelled.. could not read handwriting)

CZ_49-3fix.JPG (52617 bytes)

Jerry Whyte

receiving award from 

Capt of W.A.R.


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