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Date: 12/27/99
Name: Daniel Jeffers
E-mail: //////danyiyapmaaol.com/////
Comments: Great web site. I was there in military service Oct. 1960 until Oct 1963. Enjoyed all of your programs. Retired to Canal Zone 1967. Worked Panama Canal Zone Postal Division 1968-1979.Would like to hear the "Twelve nights of Christmas", SCN version on your audio programs. Roy Greenwood, a former SCN member, is my son-in-law. Happy New Year!

Date: 12/13/99
Name: Jim Collins
E-mail: //////Gatun7csaol.com/////
Comments: Having served in the Army at Ft. Kobbe for three years and working in the Canal for another 27 years I enjoyed the services that you people produced. Thanks for a job well done. 

Date: 12/13/99
Name: SGM Richard M. MC Clung
E-mail: //////richard_mcclungtcibr.com/////
Comments: Was stationed at Ft Gulick Nov 70 - Jul 76 and then in and out of Ft Clayton/Quarry Hts Dec 81 - Jul 82.

Always enjoyed SCN Radio and TV....


Date: 12/12/99
Name: Ryan Cunningham
E-mail: //////spankymackhotmail.com/////
Comments: Love what the site has become since it first started. Hope everyone is rocking the hell out of Life. Premedial PT rules.

Date: 12/4/99
Name: Danielle Adams (Hammel)
E-mail: //////dkadams73hotmail.com/////
Comments: Worked at SCN from June 94-Jan 98. I started out in Studio Operations working with the WONDERFUL Sgt. Leo Medina, directing the news. I spent a short time in Master Control then headed to Hondo for a great three months. I then went Command Information where I got to work with Frank Periera and learned to truly love broadcasting. Frank, you were an inspiration. I then spent some time in news. When I look back at that time I know there were some pretty tough moments but I always loved the job and I grew to love Panama. December 31, 1999 will be a sad day to many, including me. 

Date: 12/1/99
Name: Roy Greenwood
E-mail: //////roycynthegrid.net/////
Comments: Proudly served at SCN from Sept. 1967 to June 1969. Member of SCN News, was sports editor and later assistant editor for SCN News.

Date: 10/30/99
Name: Charles hal Dayhuff
E-mail: //////vmi33859avana.net/////
Comments: Thank you for the site. Great and brought back a lot of fond memories. Thanks for the memories and now the Panama Vets are starting to put together THE BOOK of the Veterans of the Panama Canal Era. Both Civilian and Military who want to contribute.

Have a great day and start to think again of the rest of the stories. Your site will bring it all together with us.



Date: 10/17/99
Name: Tom Banks
E-mail: //////tskcbanksgi.net/////
Comments: Although a culture shock after arriving in the Zone May of 1970, SCN TV and radio were very much a part of our home on Ft. Clayton. We especially enjoyed the afternoon Uncle Bob Show and his talented cast. What ever happened to the weather girl with the short skirts?

Date: 10/9/99
Name: Carol E. Burger
E-mail: //////ce_burgerhotmail.com/////
Comments: Hey, I miss Panama and SCN! I wish I were there... this place is a bore! I need a major city Like Panama City :) near me! Please keep in touch and write me!

Date: 10/8/99
Name: Jennifer Clark-Bocanegra
E-mail: //////jenjeanhotmail.com/////

Date: 10/8/99
Name: Dalis Butcher-Irish R.N
E-mail: //////DMariI1aol.com/////
Comments: Wonderful job, greatly appreciate that you've taken the time

Date: 10/2/99
Name: D. E. (Denny) Twitchell USAR, Ret
E-mail: //////twitchelluswest.net/////
Comments: Was at Ft Clayton in 71 & 72. Liked to call in on the morning show quiz. Had a friendly feud going with a Navy guy from rodman about some of the answers. But it was fun. Loved the weekend Wolfman Jack special. Met some of the SCN staffers, but not long enough to get to know them.

Remember the 72 Olympics, between channel 4 & SCN channel 8 heard four National Anthems at sign off. US, Canada, Germany & Panama.

You all did a great job keeping us entertained and informed and I thank you for all your efforts.

Goodbye Chickenman wherever you are.

D. E. Twitchell

534th MP Co,

Ft Clayton, CZ

P.O. Box 1304,

Balboa, CZ


Date: 9/20/99
Name: Aurea Rodriguez
E-mail: //////rentaswjjz.com/////
Comments: I was an SCN volunteer from May 1993 to May 1995. I worked along with Mr. Frank Pereira in SCN Command Information, with Mr. Mateo Simmons in the Graphics Artist Section, with Mr. Scott Ferguson in SCN News and with SGT Medina in the studio with SCN LIVE NEWS. I spent most of the time updating the Video Library and looking for footage for Command Information spots. Others names that comes to my memory are SGT Jose Velazquez, SSG Sergeant Randy Lutke, Dean Kaupe, Bo Jackson, SSG Callohaun, Craig Horsley, Jeff Anderson, Berg, Mr. Webster, SSG Cruz in Supply, Mrs. Paniagua, Mrs. Eli Adames, Mrs. Stocker, Mr. Solis, CPT Tice, SGM Levy and LTC Jerry White. It was a every special time for me, I learned a lot and acquired some experience in broadcasting functions and made very good friends. After SCN, I went to Ft. Irwin, Ca, where I worked as a volunteer in the Ft. Irwin PAO and in Elephant Mountain TV Station in Barstow, Ca. Now I'm in South Jersey, working as an Editor Assistant in a Local Bilingual Newspaper and as a Producer/Director in a Local Bilingual TV Program. 

Date: 9/6/99
Name: mark bozman
E-mail: //////CZbro2bozaol.com/////
Comments: Hey, used to watch SCN all the time, when I wasn't watching Panamanian stations, still remember though that we always had Monday night football, good to see that there is a website that remembers the service that SCN gave us in the Canal Zone

Date: 9/6/99
Name: Donn Gallon
E-mail: //////dbackfanwaaol.com/////
Comments: Midge,

The website is looking really nice! It is nice to see some bio's filtering in to see where some of the SCN alums have gone. I promise I'll convert some SCN stuff I have to WAV files really soon!

Date: 8/31/99
Name: a. w. beck
E-mail: //////abeck10207aol.com/////
Comments: job well done! thanks for the shows that we looked forward to each day! quarry heights 64 and 65.

Date: 8/30/99
Name: Sonny Dyon
E-mail: //////s.dyonatt.net/////
Comments: Just wondering if the Carla Rhea is the same one that does a radio show out here in Vegas...Hot Talk???

Date: 8/27/99
Name: Don Molino
E-mail: //////donthefarmboyyahoo.com/////
Comments: The girl in the picture with Fred Burchill from 1971 is his wife, who came to the Canal Zone for about a week, hated it and went back to the states. I think they got divorced shortly thereafter. I can't remember her name, but the picture does NOT do her justice!

Date: 8/25/99
Name: Carla Rhea
E-mail: //////crheaadmin.fsu.edu/////
Comments: Midge; This is great stuff! Good work!

Date: 8/24/99
Name: John Bateman
E-mail: //////JBatemanCZBHS61webtv.net/////
Comments: For me, it was CFN, and all the Sat. AM programming, eg, Lone Ranger, Joel MacRae & the Texas Rangers, Uncle ? & his magical time travel machine (11am), and others, Suspense, Gunsmoke, Jack Benny, Louigie Basko, Our Ms. Brooks, Abbott & Costello, etc. Just great stuff to grow up on. Then SCN came on and did a great job too. One of your newsmen hosted an hr show with me and some BHS student "astronaut models", as I showed an Apollo 11 Neil Armstrong space suit and gear used in flight, plus a large 10' Saturn V model rocket. It was 6 months after the first lunar landing, Dec. '69. We showed a NASA MOON display at the civil affairs museum, the admin. bldg rotunda, and gave a presentation to Gov. Leber & his exec. staff, models & all. SCN was to cover it as a news item, but instead invited me to do a show at the studio. My one hr. of fame was fleeting, but memorable, thanks to you guys. I wish I could get a tape of the show.

Date: 8/24/99
Name: Jerry Maloney
E-mail: //////Tampatigerwebtv.net/////
Comments: A very nice site. I remember listening to "Pop Shop" on the radio when we were stationed in Kobbe during the early '60's.

The unidentified redhead is Archie Andrews. He ended up marrying his longtime girlfriend Veronica Lodge. A very tearful maid of honor was Veronica's best friend, Betty.

Date: 8/24/99
Name: Jack Essex
E-mail: //////joessextcsn.net/////
Comments: I'm proud to have been part of the great history of the Armed Forces Radio and Television Service in the Panama Canal Zone when it was CFN - the Caribbean Forces Network. I was an announcer, primarily in radio, from mid 1956 to late 1957. They were happy, memorable times for me. Congratulations Midge on the outstanding job you have done with this website.

Date: 8/20/99
Name: Ray Sellars
E-mail: //////rsellars_444yahoo.com/////
Comments: The picture of the SCN building brings back such fond memories. Not a member of the SCN staff, however, I saw the building everyday, I was in building 1211 (by the 1-2-3 club/San Blas Barracks) from 62-65 and back again 70-73.<BR>Really enjoy your site as well as the czbrats site. Keep up the good work.

Date: 8/12/99
Name: Margaret grobaski (Knox)
E-mail: //////debgcecomet.net/////
Comments: This sure has brought back a lot of memories. I use to work with kathy Holcomb at the spca in corozal, use to help her with the kittens, puppies and other things we would bring to the show there. he taught me a lot about working with small animals and people both we had a lot of good times together, I was sorry to hear about her passing on. I lost contact with her in the early seventies she was a terrific lady. also had some good times at scn.

Date: 8/12/99
Name: Chris Wuerthner
E-mail: //////echris2000hotmail.com/////

Date: 8/9/99
Name: Paul K. Dolan
E-mail: //////pkdolanio.com/////
Comments: Ray George was a newscaster on SCN TV in 1977. He was a friend of mine. Any info on him? Also, the most gorgeous black American woman by the name of "Misty": she got her (on air) start on "Que Pasa" and later conquered the air waves of Panama with her 790/1420AM voice on SCN's Sunday Morning radio show. Do my life a favor and let me know what became of her.

Date: 8/7/99
Name: John McLelland
E-mail: //////Zonian1950nctimes.net/////
Comments: What a beautiful site this is. Having done volunteer work at SCN, this was a beautiful trip down memory lane for me. Dennis Fink, we will always love you for what you gave to us. Your loss is felt so deeply by all of us. Thank you to all who contributed to this site.

Date: 8/5/99
Name: Walter J. Bristow
E-mail: //////wbputterhotmail.com/////
Comments: I have some various photos taken between 1993-1997 if anyone is interested

Date: 8/2/99
Name: katie marabella arp
E-mail: //////mackaynetzero.net/////
Comments: raised in the CZ , left in 1949, would love to hook up with some of my friends who might still be there. I lived in Ancon on top of the hill then known as cable heights...

I am interested in finding residents of the Canal Zone during the early 1940's. I was raised in the CZ and lived on a hill called Cable Heights, in Ancon. Would appreciate any replies.

Date: 8/2/99
Name: William H. Ormsbee
E-mail: //////wormsbeepanama.c-com.net/////
Comments: Sorry to see SCN go after having been associated with it since 1975 (first with the 193d Inf Bde/Army South Public Affairs Office and then with the Southern Command Directorate of Public Affairs). I retired October 1997 and remained here in Panama.

Date: 8/1/99
Name: George M. Chevalier
E-mail: //////chevy43sprintmail. com/////
Comments: Would like to talk with anyone connected with the Southern Command News Sheet during 1968-69 about a story with photo that was run in the SCN Paper telling of the CZ Sea Scouts finding a sunken cylinder in the waters of one of the Pearl Islands. 

Date: 8/1/99
Name: Moose Cunningham
E-mail: //////spankymackhotmail.com/////
Comments: I love what you did with the page. I haven't visited it in a while and it's nice to see significant change. It was very interesting to read about the closing ceremonies. Wish I could have seen it. Hope all of you are well, and I can't wait to see you in the future.

Date: 7/29/99
Name: Sgt Thomas Wheeler
E-mail: //////sgtwwhotmail.com/////
Comments: Hey SSG Anderson, Great site, I'll send my bio soon. Great idea.



Date: 7/25/99
Name: D. E. (Denny) Twitchell
E-mail: //////twitchelluswest.net/////
Comments: Enjoyed your efforts when I was there in 71 -72.

The night radio programs on weekends and the trivia quiz on the morning show. Had a little TV for a while, was nice to see shows in English even old ones.


Date: 7/22/99
Name: Don Molino
E-mail: //////donla-net.net/////
Comments: Anybody know the whereabouts of Pete Franquet? Or Steve Budqawist (sp)? Or Steve Momont?

Just curious. Haven't seen Pete in lord knows how long.

Haven't seen either Steve since they left SCN in '71 I believe it was. Was really sorry to hear about "Uncle Bob" dying. He was entirely too young. But he put up with a lot of crap from us and from the thousands of kids he baby-sat every afternoon. I'm surprised the boy kept his sanity as long as he did. But that was the army..insanity..total insanity. But I did get a good pair of boots out of the draft, a good overcoat, a good raincoat and two--count 'em--two VA loans. 

OK..I'm through now. Oh.. for those of you who don't remember me, or can't remember me or don't want to remember me.. I landed at SCN in March, 1970, as a brand new E-2 and flew out on that white Braniff jet as a walkin' proud E-5 in December, 1971. the longest 1 year, 8 months and 8 days of my life!

Your turn...

Date: 7/22/99
Name: Gerry Fry
E-mail: //////gerryfrygte.net/////
Comments: Having spent 12 years of my life as Program Director (1964-1976), it's difficult to think of the Canal area without that "little bit of home." This Web site is a great idea, and I hope lots of CFN/SCNers find it and communicate so Midge can chronicle the impressive history of AFRTS' only "coast-to-coast" network!

Date: 7/19/99
Name: Brenda Kendrick
E-mail: //////brendakendrickhotmail.com/////
Comments: All of you "old" SCNers be looking for some photos I sent to Jeff from the 80's. A few of the people you will see are MSG Young in 1983, SSG Don Hammond in 1984 news room, don't forget TSGT Ufferman, the happiest guy to ever be stationed at SCN and many more.....

E-mail: ////// /////
Comments: 932413659::Sonny Dyon|sonrodhotmail.com|||7/19/99|2:47 PM||I sure as hell had a blast at SCN during what I thought we're some of the "Glory Years" 1995-97. It really felt a lot like a family there for a while. I miss a lot of you guys. Come on West to Vegas and I'll show you the "Sonny D. Sin City Spectacular." I can't believe there will be no more "SCN...looking out for you." BUH-BYE

Date: 7/22/99
Name: Gerry Fry
E-mail: //////gerryfrygte.net/////
Comments: Having spent 12 years of my life as Program Director (1964-1976), it's difficult to think of the Canal area without that "little bit of home." This Web site is a great idea, and I hope lots of CFN/SCNers find it and communicate so Midge can chronicle the impressive history of AFRTS' only "coast-to-coast" network!

Date: 7/19/99
Name: Sonny Dyon
E-mail: //////sonrodhotmail.com/////
Comments: I sure as hell had a blast at SCN during what I thought we're some of the "Glory Years" 1995-97. It really felt a lot like a family there for a while. I miss a lot of you guys. Come on West to Vegas and I'll show you the "Sonny D. Sin City Spectacular." I can't believe there will be no more "SCN...looking out for you." BUH-BYE

Date: 7/19/99
Name: Scott Ferguson
E-mail: //////fergusonshotmail.com/////
Comments: Hello Jeff, Cool website!!!

Let's not forget News operations or some of the personalities that worked in that department. Also, do you need a Bio from me? I sure was sorry I was unable to attend the closing ceremony. Just as well, I would've been an embarrassment...all that sobbing you know. It sure was a great gig at SCN wasn't it? Look forward to seeing you in HOT-LANTA. Good luck in the move. Please tell everyone who's still there that I wish them the best of luck, and miss the great times we had.

See ya soon,


Date: 7/14/99
Name: Jason Litalien
E-mail: //////litalienqwestinternet.net/////
Comments: Keep up the great work. Aim High!


Date: 7/13/99
Name: Jim Kresge
E-mail: //////jckresgenetscape.net/////
Comments: It was a sad day indeed when the SCN colors were finally cased on July 1st. What's even harder is to see all of the equipment and studios that I helped engineer and build torn apart awaiting shipment. I can still remember that June day in 1985 when I first arrived at SCN and when I came back for my second tour in 1991. I spent the best 10 years of my life at SCN and those who are still there keep seeing my smiling face every few months (I've got a real bad case of Chagres Fever, only to be cured by drinking the waters of the Rio Chagres).

I sent Jeff Anderson some photos from SCN in the mid 1980's & some photos from Honduras (where I spent a good deal of time as well, ever since we took control from the Navy in 1986/87). I think the website is great. Keep up the great work and helping keep alive THE BEST AFRTS STATION IN THE WORLD (BAR NONE).


Date: 7/13/99
Name: Chris Mitchell
E-mail: //////nuwildcathotmail.com/////
Comments: Panama gave me some of the best years I've had, and SCN was a big part of that. Whether it was playing on our awesome run-scoring softball team (2.6 rpg!!) or on a fledgling soccer team, the people will be in my memories for a long time to come!

Date: 7/13/99
Name: Ryan Cunningham
E-mail: //////spankymackhotmail.com/////
Comments: Can't wait for the site to be totally up and running. Good luck in the closure in one part of my life that I won't soon forget.

Date: 7/12/99
Name: Brenda (FLORES)(PENA) Kendrick
E-mail: //////brendakendrickhotmail.com/////
Comments: Hi to all that are scattered throughout the world. Remember SCN in the good ole days? 

Date: 7/12/99
Name: Frank Pereira
E-mail: //////pereirafhotmail.com/////
Comments: Great place to work. Loved my 8 years here. Good people and good times.


Date: 7/11/99
Name: Donn Gallon
E-mail: //////dbackfanwaaol.com/////
Comments: Great site... SCN is one of the best memories I have of my two tours in Panama! I have some shows, jingles and SCN commercials on videotape here. Thanks for preserving a bit more of our history in Panama! Only those who were there will really understand!



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