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Date: 12/19/2000
Name: Arnie Huberman
E-mail: //////arniehuberman.com/////
Comments: Midge - you have done a FABULOUS job! Anyone who can make Garry Parks look that handsome... :-)

Seriously, I have pointed a lot of people to the site and it is really great of you to put the time and effort into it that you have.

Happy Holidays to all!


Date: 12/14/2000
Name: Lisa P. Moffitt de Harrill
E-mail: //////pualanipanama.c-com.net/////
Comments: Darryl Dalley told me about this site. I was only at SCN for my Senior year at Balboa High School and the following three summers as a student assistant, but I had such a fun time with everyone. I hope those from that era (1988-1991) are well and that God is blessing all of you. I'm still in Panama and so glad to be at home and working in ministry with my husband at Crossroads Christian Academy. We're located on Gailliard Highway in Crossroads Bible Church if anyone is ever in town again and would like to say "hola." Have a wonderful Christmas!

Date: 10/19/2000
Name: Dave Hart
E-mail: //////dhartvela.com/////
Comments: Midge, you've done a great job redesigning the site! It's always great to come back for a visit. I'll try to dig up a few more photos for you.

Date: 9/29/2000
Name: Al Solis Sr.
E-mail: //////solisaafns.vicenza.army.mil/////
Comments: Looking for email from Gordy Martel 

Date: 9/12/2000
Name: Randall (Randy) Bretz
E-mail: //////rbretzaol.com/////
Comments: I served at SCN from November 1968 through May of 1970. Ah, so many memories, such great people. My wife, Jan, and I lived on Calle 21 in Panama City, welcomed our first son into the world at Gorgas Hospital, enjoyed countless picnics on the causeway at Ft. Amador, and enjoyed visits by our parents during our time there. At SCN I directed television, produced documentaries, did some radio news and endured Sgt. Sam's Monday inspections.

I discovered this site after calling Father Michael Hoyer (aka Hi Ya, Hi Ya Happy Hoyer), who mentioned he'd heard from Arnie Huberman. A call later in the day with Arnie brought back a flood of memories. 

I'd love to hear from the cadre who held forth during the same time including (forgive my spelling) Brian Brosemlie, Gordon Paffrath, Jim Joynt, Mike Owens, Gary Parks, Steve Momont, Ken Peterson . . . and all the rest. I'll send some pictures soon. 


Date: 8/1/2000
E-mail: //////rlginfomagic.net/////
Comments: It seems I have run across a bit of my past - ah, the wonders of the Internet :) I was in 154th Signal in '89-90, right next door to you guys.

I'm also looking for tapes of SCN (FM) broadcasts from December 19, 1989 to early January 1990. I can either pay cash, or trade for some tapes of AFVN I have. If any of you can help out please email. I was a bit busy at the time and didn't get a chance to tape any of the radio broadcasts, and am now wishing I had. Those of you who remember PML Delta and Echo will understand :) Thanks!

Date: 9/10/2000
Name: Eric De Sedas
E-mail: //////edesedasbellsouth.net.pa/////
Comments: Excellent work!. Brings back lots of good friends and good times memories.


Date: 7/21/2000
Name: Randy Lutke
E-mail: //////randy.lutkelajes.af.mil/////
Comments: Thanks for the web site! It's wonderful to stroll down memory lane and see all the names of the world's greatest broadcaster/producers/ shooters/directors - and liars. Greatest memories and best friends (and the fishin' wasn't bad either). I was in Panama from 90-93.

Date: 7/19/2000
Name: Erin Webb
E-mail: //////webbedinfos.osd.mil/////
Comments: Hello to anyone who remembers me... I was part of the SCN crew from 93-95. Started out slinging tapes with Darryl Daly as my boss and then made the rounds to radio, tv and 6 months in Honduras with Dean Welch. I have a lot of great memories from SCN and hope to add them to the page soon. 

Date: 7/8/2000
Name: Dean Kaupe
E-mail: //////dean_kaupereporters.net/////
Comments: What a great site! 

It's true, you miss a place a lot more after you've been gone a while!

Jeff, we did some major league shammin' when we created that spot insertion shortcut in T&C. I remember a lot of nights at the Red Door patting ourselves in the backs over that one.

Good to see a lot of names I still consider myself on speaking terms with, especially Jeff, Leo, Craig, Frank, Darryl and yes, even you, Scott.

Don't know how, but whether we were in T&C, News, or CI, we always got the job done ... and kicked butt doing it. I remember a great bunch of guys in each section -- more than I can attach names to. Hope to find out more about what happened to my old running buddies as I explore the site.

Keep up the great work ... and let me know when and where the reunion's going to be!

Date: 6/8/2000
E-mail: //////ELCAMAROGRAPHOhotmail.com/////
Comments: Great idea on web site, but I think you should post pictures with the bios! and if you want any more info or photos e-mail me thanks medina! hey you bastards you know who you are give give me a hit! Later fc medina 

Date: 5/18/2000
Name: Arnie Huberman
E-mail: //////arniehuberman.com/////
Comments: Just sent Midge a batch of slides from the '68-69 era - when she can, it should be fun to see them posted. Also located Gary Parks, so maybe he will join in on all this. 

Anyone have Happy Hoyer's phone number? 


Date: 5/14/2000
Name: Charles Crawford
E-mail: //////cbcrawfo1juno.com/////
Comments: What a great web site...congratulations to all who contributed. After a 26 year career in broadcasting with CBS and CNN and then another 6 years as a visiting professor at Syracuse University, I've packed it in and am officially retired as of May, 2000. Would love to hear from anyone who still remembers me. 

Date: 5/11/2000
Name: Monica Boyle
E-mail: //////boylemearthlink.net/////
Comments: I loved SCN it was a great thing to tune into while my X husband and I were stationed in Panama....my favorite was Sonny Dyon-wonder if he is on the TV or radio in Vegas now.....he has a great voice!! 

Date: 5/4/2000
Name: Carl Legore
E-mail: //////c.legoreatt.net/////
Comments: I now wear my SCN softball jersey with pride, too bad we never could while playing softball. I never was really a part of SCN but I sure sent a lot of stories over to you all! I really enjoyed when Sonny D let me be his sports guy! I'll always remember "have a nice weekend"

Earlier this month I visited Panama and drove by your old building, it really looks weird now! Take care and God Bless!


Date: 4/29/2000
Name: Gerry Fry
E-mail: //////gerryfrygte.net/////
Comments: Gosh, Arnie -- I don't recall that we didn't get along. It was the Sergeant Major and I who didn't get along! Surely you remember when he ordered some of you lowly EM to move my office to the uninhabited, unairconditioned, phoneless third floor while I was in the U.S. on home leave! What a guy!! His one act of decency toward me was to allow me to adopt his unwanted dog that he obtained from Kathy Holcomb; we brought Brutus back to the states with us to live out the rest of his life. One correction to your posting: the Nixon inauguration was the second satellite event, the first being the second half of the 1968 Army-Navy game in December. Thanks for remembering the Messiah remote and Paul Hogan's save of the Nixon inauguration, two things that had slipped from my memory -- his untimely death in Chicago ended a brilliant career much too early. Good to hear from you and to learn from your Web page of your impressive accomplishments.

Date: 4/27/2000
Name: Arnold M. Huberman
E-mail: //////arniehuberman.com/////
Comments: Unbelievable that this site exists! I was there - I am sure Gerry remembers (since we didn't get along very well!) - from early '68 through April'69 as the principal TV director, etc. We did the first remotes - the Canal Zone symphonette & chorus doing Handel's "Messiah", The Iguana Bowl. 

We did the first ever live satellite broadcast - Nixon's inauguration, which was going great until we realized that USIS wasn't giving us a narration feed, so Paul Hogan jumped into the booth and winged the whole thing - beautifully! And we weathered the Sgt Major scandal, that brought us one really un-nice person in mid-69 who changed the whole tenor of the place. And who can forget The Happy Show with Happy Hoyer (now a priest, I believe) and Miss Pat, wife of Gary Parks, our great non-linguist. But who saved the day when we did the Nixon-Humphrey election, had all the cameras in the center of the studio, ran into problems when the talent couldn't see the tally lights, and got it solved 'cause Sgt Parks called his Air Police buddies and got a couple of light wands -the kind they use to guide planes.

All in all, a very incredible experience. And I must mention Ossie, the ocelot who lived with us, and Gary & Pat's macaw, Birdie NumNum.

Peace, all -


Date: 4/19/2000
Name: Frank Pereira
E-mail: //////frankpanama.net/////
Comments: Super Job. Thanks for giving us a place to keep the memories alive. Jeff thanks for all the promotion about the site. Muchas Gracias Midge. Hello to all my friends. Doing Fine in Panama.

Date: 4/7/2000
Name: Darryl S. Dalley
E-mail: //////panama_is_my_nameyahoo.com/////
Comments: I will be submitting some of my photos soon...

oldtimers e-mail me

Date: 4/3/2000
Name: Jim Collins
E-mail: //////gatun7csaol.com/////
Comments: As a collector of Zippo lighters, I was wondering if there were any zippos with an SCN logo on them. If anyone has one that is for sale, please advise. I have others from Panama Railroad, Canal Zone Police and Canal Zone Government so it will fit right in. Thanks, Jim. 

Date: 4/2/2000
Name: Rodolfo (Lindy) Garcia de Paredes Ch.
E-mail: //////mlpranchcwp.net.pa/////
Comments: I am the person that inaugurated TV-2 in 1962 and stayed as President and General Manager until 1983 when the then controlling military government "bought it" from me. I remember very well the wonderful relationship between both Stations. I am very sorry that now it is going to be in other hands as what happed to mine. Good luck and best of everything to all the former personnel of SCN.


Lindy Paredes. 

Date: 4/1/2000
Name: Elizabeth Adames
E-mail: //////lagatitapayahoo.com/////
Comments: I have lost track of some of my dear friends. This web site is a good way to know the whereabouts of some of you. Keep looking you may find some interesting pictures.

Hasta luego,


Date: 3/12/2000
E-mail: //////MGQUE3AOL.COM/////

Great site, please do not forget to be inclusive rather than exclusive when talking about Panama. aside from being a beautiful country, its also a great place to live. Keep up the good work.

Date: 2/11/2000
Name: Russ Reed SSG (Ret)
E-mail: //////RReed41768aol.com/////
Comments: Great site! Really enjoyed the time I was at SCN and all of the friends that I made. 

Keep sending in info on all of the SCNers 

Date: 2/5/2000
Name: M. Viguera
E-mail: //////ileiva75hotmail.com/////
Comments: Just wanted to say that I too shared some interesting moments with some of the hardworking crew of SCN while I anchored the all too important children's show "Just for kids" for about a year. Just wondering where some of the reporters that worked on the show and went to school with me are.

Date: 1/30/2000
Name: Andrew Egloff
E-mail: //////a_eglofyahoo.com/////
Comments: Hola todos! I am glad to see this website it brings back fond memories. I just wanted to pass on a note to all our friends about our ten month old baby girl Carolina Isabel. Martha and I have pictures of SCN as well as some of our wonderful times at Palmar with everyone. 

Date: 1/14/2000
Name: Chuck Hawsey
E-mail: //////chuckhiamaol.com/////
Comments: Absolutely great site. You've outdone yourself, Midge. I just hope we can start getting more of our email going here and less on the OneList so we can get down to SCN!

Date: 1/11/2000
Name: Craig Horsley
E-mail: //////chors1hotmail.com/////
Comments: Thanks Jeff for the site. Great site! Thanks to those who maintain it. Brings back a lot of memories. I was in Panama December 31 and stopped outside the fence to take a look. Truly sadness. It was a great job with a lot of great people.



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