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Date: 12/28/2001
Name: Sonny Dyon
E-mail: //////sonrodhotmail.com/////
Comments: Hey guys from SCN 95-98. Great years, some of the best of my life. Happy Holidays to all. To update Sarah Barenz's message...my family and I are home. SWEET HOME CHICAGO. I am the Director of Audio Visual Services for the Palmer House Hilton in Chicago. Sweet gig. I take the train to from the burbs to the city. I love it. Anyway, still working on my passion stuff... I finished one screenplay and am currently working on a second. Who knows what will become of them??? Take care all and good luck in 2002.

Date: 12/27/2001
Name: Dennis Klamfoth
E-mail: //////dlklamfothhotmail.com/////
Comments: I only went thru the Panama Canal twice while on the USS King DDG-41

in 1980. I was a Lifer joining the Navy in May 1970. I only remember listening to AFRTS in Viet Nam & FEN in Yokosuka & Yokohama Japan. The radio broadcasts kept Me sane in a crazy world but more important it brought back memories of what My Grandmother & Great Aunt used to say( quite often ) " Radio Made You Think, And Use Your Imagination !."

Even though I never saw a TV Broadcast or listened to a Radio Broadcast from the Canal Zone I just wanted to say Thanks to You and Your Sisters & Brothers in the Military Broadcasting World for keeping Me in touch with the Lighter side of Military Life.


Dennis Klamfoth

GMM 1st USN Ret

Date: 12/26/2001
Name: Keith Anderson
E-mail: //////Kander007aol.com/////
Comments: Top flight site. Never made it to the CZ during my career with AFRTS, but see many of my friends and colleagues listed here. I worked for Gerry at AFRTS-BC in the early 90s. It would be great to see the other locations and networks establish similar historic sites such as this. It was a great time with AFRTS and one that will never be duplicated anywhere else.

Date: 12/26/2001
Name: Richard P. Lien
E-mail: //////lien81cs.com/////

Date: 12/1/2001
Name: K. Fitzgerald "Stew" Stewart
E-mail: //////justewyahoo.com/////
Comments: Found the site, thanks to everyone involved for making it possible. It brings back some really good memories of one of my best assignments. ('95-'97) I always like hearing from people I was assigned with. You can feel free to drop me a line at //////justew@yahoo.com///// anytime. I got out of the Air Force in May of 2001. I worked as a morning news producer at the ABC affiliate in Omaha for a while; currently I'm working as a writer/anchor for CACI, Inc. Its a govt contractor that produces a newscast for a government agency. HAVE A NICE WEEKEND!!!


Date: 11/7/2001
Name: Steven Apostolope
E-mail: //////s.apostolopeworldnet.att.net/////

Date: 10/27/2001
Name: Bob Brown
E-mail: //////mbrlbyahoo.com/////
Comments: Stationed at Ft Clayton from 68 to 73 with 534th MP Co. Loved SCN radio - especially the Jim Pewter Oldies show.

Date: Roy Greenwood
Name: 10/17/2001
E-mail: //////roycynthegrid.net/////
Comments: Keep up the great work Midge. This site justs keeps getting better and better. I just met the Dean of our local college today and she was a Zonian, leaving in 1971. She had many good things to say about SCN. I told her about the site and the links to the other Zonian sites. I suspect she will be a visitor soon.

Date: 10/11/2001
Name: Gary Williams
E-mail: //////gary.williamsmvpcomm.com/////
Comments: i've been here all along, where are you guys?

Date: 9/30/2001
Name: Joe McHale
E-mail: //////JCPMchaleAOL.COM/////
Comments: Great website! Living through those times, one doesn't really understand the greatness of the people one sees from day to day. This was one of the most talented groups of people I have ever had the pleasure to know! Gerry Fry deserves a lot of praise for holding the talent together, and helping mold the future. It was a great time, valued more now than ever. GREAT work on this web site! Best wishes to all.

Date: 9/15/2001
E-mail: //////garmstrongbhotmail.com/////
Comments: I´SAD

Date: 9/12/2001
Name: Anita Garcia
E-mail: //////aggarciaucdavis.edu/////
Comments: I remember SCN so well during my high school years. Use to call in requests all the time.

Date: 9/9/2001
Name: Brannon Lamar
E-mail: //////blamarhotmail.com/////
Comments: Hola

Date: 8/31/2001
Name: Lauren Bacher
E-mail: //////laurenbachhotmail.com/////
Comments: Was in the CZ during the early and mid 70s, loved SCN. Looking for my old friends from Ft. Clayton -Sharon and/or Karen Archer. Thanks

Date: 8/14/2001
Name: Elizabeth Adames
E-mail: //////lagatitapayahoo.com/////
Comments: Hi, just to share with all my SCN friends that I got a temporary promotion as Administrative Officer and today was my first day on the job...and I survived.!!)))). I am still working at the Canal and enjoy it. I have an excellent view from my window. I keep myself busy between the university, my job, and the gym (I go every day at 6am). My son, Simon, is working at Sportline America and I feel very proud of him. My daughter, Laura, is already 16 and I have to keep track of her all the time...no fun at all. 

I always remember you all.

It was good to enter to the site again and see the improvements. My love to all.


Date: 8/11/2001
E-mail: //////rolinsowega.net/////
Comments: How the hell is everybody doing? Sure do miss everyone. Those were the good ole days (1986-1990)!! Linda and I think of our friends and the good times we all had in Panama and especially SCN. The things that we did!

Date: 8/7/2001
Name: Ken Peterson
E-mail: //////kpetersocableonda.net/////
Comments: So great to stumble onto this site. It is really super to see so many faces from the past. Would like to especially make contact with several people including Jim Leach, Happy Hoyer, Brian Brosamle and Mike Russnow...Ken.

Date: 8/3/2001
Name: Joe Ciokon
E-mail: //////JCIOKONcnap.navy.mil/////
Comments: Great site, brings back lots of memories, thanks! Gerry Fry sent me. I'll be in touch with more info on myself and others missing: Bill Sanchez, Teddy Highers, Joel Daly, Ron Harper, Jim Pattison, Sylvia Thomas, Sid Stark, Ron Rice, Deborah Glassford, and Larry Weidick. 


Date: 7/31/2001
Name: Gary Little
E-mail: //////gwlittleatt.com/////
Comments: Served on SCNews paper from '77 to '84.

Date: 7/27/2001
Name: Paul J. Fenochietti
E-mail: //////pfenohome.com/////
Comments: I have been looking for a girl I met in CZ. her name is Virginia Jardio. This was in the early 70's. Anyone know her?

This is a great site, keep up the good work.


Date: 7/20/2001
Name: David Hansen
E-mail: //////dphedlaw.com/////
Comments: I was at SCN in 89-90. This was really a fun little trip down memory lane.

Date: 7/17/2001
Name: Anne-Marie Ehrbar
E-mail: //////angelsloaol.com/////

Date: 7/17/2001
Name: Bob Stoffel
E-mail: //////gringopelonhotmail.com/////
Comments: Hey Midge...

I'm the moderator of the AFN-Europe Yahoo Group and a member and emails coordinator for the AFVN Yahoo Group. John O'Connor suggested we needed to get in touch with each other because of similar demeanor! Anyway, I have a 400+ emails list from AFNers and I guess it's about 150+ from AFVNers. Wanna swap some lists? Actually, I've been leaning toward an AFRTS list for some time. That's still down the road but for now, it would be interesting to give our groups a look at the membership roles. Give me a shout at Hotmail when you get a minute.

Bob Stoffel

AFN 1969, 1971-72

AFVN 1970 DaNang

Charlotte, NC


Date: 7/13/2001
Name: Steven A. Landry
E-mail: //////salmolerols.com/////
Comments: SCN Alum, Nov 20, 1971-March 5 1976. Assistant Editor, Southern Command News, the printed media side of the house; yeah, and we did the printed TV schedule, too... (damn those restrictions!!!) The best 51 months of my active Air Force career. Went back twice (as a reservist with the C-130 rotation to Howard) in 1981 and '84 and stopped by...

Date: 7/11/2001
Name: Sarah Barenz
E-mail: //////sbarenzhotmail.com/////
Comments: Seco Rum, blasting bass and chiva buses... the memories go on forever! I was an SCN Broadcaster from 94-97- and didn't truly appreciate my time there until it was over. Updates of people I know about. JO2 Matt Hartke is now SERGEANT (army)!!! SFC Lenny Harris is at the schoolhouse with his wife (former SCNer Jaime Jones) and child. A1C Molly Fiandaca is a civilian in Florida learning massage therapy at a hollistic school. SFC Luis Leis is currently my PLT SGT here at Ft. Bragg. SGT Pam Smith (loud and proud as always) is here at Bragg and just as wacky as ever. A1C Sonny Dyon is a civilian and living in, I think, California. SFC Pat Callahan is 1SG at the schoolhouse. Uh, I think that's about it, I've heard rumors of others off and on... Sure miss those times. HAVE A NICE WEEKEND.

Date: 7/6/2001
Name: David Lindquester
E-mail: //////dlindquesterhotmail.com/////
Comments: What a great job on your site. Great memories. I was surprised to see photos of folks I worked with over 30 years ago. You have a photo of me (60s-70s), but little BIO info. I would like to update. Please tell me how I can supply the information. 

Date: 7/6/2001
Name: Sharon Marie
E-mail: //////b2studiosearthlink.net/////
Comments: WOW, a site dedicated to SCN!!

I lived in Balboa CZ for 2 years, 1970-72, and was just a kid. But I sure do have wonderful memories of the Zone Experience. And SCN radio and TV.

I used to have a bunch of SCN radio show excerpts on cassettes, made on my cheap little portable tape recorder off the AM radio. Unfortunately most were erased or lost. I managed to save one tape, with a few excerpts of SCN, a few Panamanian TV soundbites and other radio stations.

It's wonderful to see and hear a site dedicated to keeping the memory of SCN and those who were a part of it. I've spent many a day and night with the company of the lone American TV programs, and enjoying the sounds of Wolfman Jack and Charlie Tuna and all the other shows back in the early 1970s. Thanks, SCN...!!!!!

Date: 6/23/2001
Name: Marion Mooney
E-mail: //////marionspiritandtruth.every1.net/////
Comments: Seeing your building picture brought back fond memories. I wasn't assigned to SCN, but I lived right down the street from you guys at the 396th Signal Co. I was stationed there from '76 to '80. Had a lot of great times. This is a nice site you have here to help keep the memories alive. Lord bless you guys.


Date: 6/21/2001
Name: Jane Martin
E-mail: //////twilightjmyahoo.com/////
Comments: I am coordinating a class reunion for Cristobal High School 1971 class. We had alot of military friends who passed through our school days. Many we have lost contact with. 

Does anyone have an address or website address I can locate fathers of these classmates. Many were officers in Ft Davis or Gulick in the late 60's and 70's. I have search the www.miltarybrats.com but no luck. Any information would be appreciated. 

Our reunion will be held in Orlando, August 10-12, 2001.

Go Tigers!

Date: 6/16/2001
Name: ellen ketelaar
E-mail: //////koenders|elmellehotmail.com/////
Comments: we are from holland and lived in panama from 1994 up to 2000

Date: 6/11/2001
Name: Jerry McKee
E-mail: //////jmckeesonet.net/////
Comments: In 1971 late say, November I was video engineer at SCN Clayton. Outside open-bay style barracks. Shortly there after I moved to the third floor of SCN (newly renovated) half was News room offices and other half was barracks, Me and A Guy name "Mike Morgan" (a Newspaper editor/ film librarian ) Took over a Corner room in the barracks, as we were the most senior I think. Anyways, I spent the next couple years there also got assigned for a while at Ft. Davis until they made it automated. My last year their I was assigned to the transmitter site in the middle of panama city. I Quarry Heights it was short-lived and toured out. My friends from there were Mike Morgan, Graig or Craig Norton? my night crew director was Paul Hyatt and News crews of Memory were Scott Richards, John Nardini and Terry Goyett, And radio guy (Phil Delany) Production WiZ "Lee (mooch and resident brains) Mcgowan "there were others but I cant remember em all maybe I'll come back and update this someday. And if your writing a book get a hold of me, cause I know some Juicccccy tales LoL. ; >

Date: 6/7/2001
Name: Darryl Scott Dalley
E-mail: //////darryldalleyhotmail.com/////
Comments: We need members for VFW Post 3822 in Panama. I have got 6 Just Cause veterans from SCN who served with me during Just Cause to sign up. The VFW is an national service organization who helps veterans get their benefits and helps active duty troops get pay raises and other very important items. Membership is only $20 a year. You may be a member here and enter any VFW in the states or around the world. We assist veterans process disability claims and many other things. Please check out our National homepage at. www.vfw.org

but if you want to sign up please join in Panama and help us who still live here. Your membership dues not have nothing to do with our canteen/bar, please do not get confused please. 

Send me an email //////darryldalleyhotmail.com///// with you snail mail address and I will get an membership application in the mail asap. 


and things are still fine here in Panama...the old SCN building looks really sad....it misses us...have a nice weekend...dd

Date: 5/28/2001
Name: Bruce Quinn
E-mail: //////brucequinncwp.net.pa/////
Comments: Typical of the work of SCN, your website is professional. Thanks to Mike Russnow, from whom I hadn't heard from in years - until yesterday (May 26, 2001), for putting me on to your website. I have fond memories of the people at SCN who helped me promote various theatrical endeavors back when we lived over the rainbow. I still live in Panama where I continue to do shows, all in Spanish, I even helped out in the filming of THE TAILOR OF PANAMA serving as a casting assistant. I was able to get small speaking and parts as extras for approximately 35 Panamanian actors. I even had a role in the film with a scene with Pierce Brosnan at the Miraflores Locks bur my bit wound up on the cutting room floor. (Sniff, sniff). Anyway, it was fascinating helping out on the film meeting John Boorman and Geoffrey Rush, amongst others. I didn't meet Jamie Lee Curtis. (Sniff, sniff). She was only here for ten days or so. The film hasn't been shown in Panama yet. It is due to open on June 29, and , I'm sure, will be controversial with the Panamanian public. Hell! Everyone will have to remember that it is only a film and not to take it personally. Friends who have seen it in the U.S. comment that the visual scenes of Panama are fantastic and that Rush's acting is outstanding as well as the jobs done by Brosnan and Curtis. 

Best wishes to all those friends at SCN with whom I shared some pleasant times and moments of history. 

Date: 5/21/2001
Name: vikki borell
E-mail: //////etropicgirlaol.com/////
Comments: Was wondering what happened to a guy who worked at SCN, and was out in the rugby field trying to get a story, when he was tackled a female rugby player. Wondered if you ever got the champagne I sent to apologize??? 

Date: 5/19/2001
Name: R.Steve Dick
E-mail: //////rsteveukans.edu/////
Comments: Mr. Mouse" on the "Uncle Bob Show"

Date: 5/17/2001
Name: Aries D. Early
E-mail: //////aearlyhotmail.com/////
Comments: http://my.websitenow.com/web1/00011/djwig

Date: 5/10/2001
Name: Ruben Garcia
E-mail: //////rgarcianoof.com/////
Comments: I just noticed the SCN coin on the bottom of the page. How does a former SCNer get hold of one of these coins without having to go to Kinkos? Nice memories.

Well I ran into Jim Young, Jim Kresge and Randy Lawson while I was at NAB. So I have pictures but I must get permission from them before I send them to this site. 

Lowry AFB is no longer the place it used to be.

But Saturdays is still kicking!

Well I was a 25R and spent a lot of time tweeking those old Umatics at SCN.

Does anyone know what ever happened to Dave Gearhardt? Check out our URL and if you have any preguntas... just email me. And remember you will get spammed like hell! So don't open it at work.


Date: 5/5/2001
Name: Avetta
E-mail: //////javettahome.net/////     OR       //////jim.avettapanja.com/////
Comments: OR Cerveza por favor

Well all you crazy muthas... What's up!

Living in Texas working as Tech Support Engineer for Panja (formerly AMX) remote control systems.

Reggie, Jonathan, Terry, f_ck_ng everybody!! 

Hey drop me an e-mail. Need to catch up.


Date: 5/2/2001
Name: gary sampson
E-mail: //////gmsampsonhotmail.com/////
Comments: I just went through the messages! Happy to see names and messages from the early 90's crew! I appreciate all that those before us did, but I have to believe that "the family" I was apart of was the best! In the four or five years I was there we experienced just about everything! Now that I run a travel company (very lucrative I only have to give plasma every other day to eat!) we should plan an SCN Reunion! We'll do it stateside but the locale has to be like "MY Place" or that dump Kresge used to troll around in the ghetto! I send everyone my love and thank you from the bottom of my heart for the memories!


Date: 4/29/2001
Name: Ruben Garcia
E-mail: //////rgarcianoof.com/////
Comments: I was stationed at Ft. Clayton and was a broadcast engineer from Jan-1996 to Dec-1988.

I am currently the Chief Engineer for the Erotic Networks in Boulder Colorado.


Date: 4/27/2001
Name: Brenda Pena-kendrick
E-mail: //////brendakendrickhotmail.com/////
Comments: www.relativecreations.com

Date: 4/18/2001
Name: Julie (Fiori) Huther
E-mail: //////jliahcs.com/////
Comments: When I was a little girl (late 60s), my Girl Scout troop went to SCN to be on the Nicky (sp) the Crewchief show. He wore an orange flightsuit and a helicopter helmet. I'm almost 46 now....but I remember that clearly.

Date: 4/17/2001
Name: Dennis Munden
E-mail: //////DMunden191aol.com/////
Comments: Greetings from the Commonwealth of VA---I ran across your site via a message in eVets. I spent 2 tours in Panama, loved it and would have retired there had I been able to bring dependents during the Just Cause timeframe, my first wife is Panamanian and down there right now. I wish you all well and keep up the good work. 


Date: 4/17/2001
Name: Tony T
E-mail: //////dachsie_daddyyahoo.com/////
Comments: Hi all ......it was really nice to see SCN again after all these years!!! I was a radio and TV personality from 1977-1981.....As a matter of fact I was last DJ on the air for The Canal zone and the first to open up the SCN Panama Era.....Oh yes I was doing the graveyard shift that morning.....Thanks for all the memories .....I really enjoyed the site, but you are really lacking in good representation of some Scn's best on air personalities from the late 70s to early 80s...As always Stand tall and keep it ever ever so Tight!!! 

Date: 4/10/2001
Name: Frank Pereira
E-mail: //////pereirafHOTMAIL.COM/////
Comments: Hola Amigos. Hope all are well. Looking for an email for Jason Thompson. I think he is lost at sea.... He is somewhere in the Mediterranean or at least that was my last info. If anyone has his email please forward it. Gracias.


Date: 4/9/2001
Name: Paul Richards
E-mail: //////CZCopaol.com/////
Comments: Wow! I would never have imagined it possible in 1978 when I left the zone.

Date: 4/1/2001
Name: Rupert Small
E-mail: //////r.smallworldnet.att.net/////
Comments: Your site is truly interesting. It brings back so many powerful and enlightening memories. I realize the great effort it takes to put together such splendid unforgettable information.

With your permission, I would like to include this splendid site to the d site below. When you verify my site, you may click on PHOTOS, in order to see CZ memorabilia.

CZBrats e-mailed me your site.



Date: 3/22/2001
Name: Theresa Hackman
E-mail: //////thackmailcity.com/////
Comments: Cal and I had dinner last week with Chuck Hawsey and he told us about this site. We're both retired teachers now and enjoying life

Date: 3/4/2001
Name: Terry O'Neil
E-mail: //////tjon1950home.com/////
Comments: If you happen to have any memorabilia that include my daughter, Annette O'Neil, who was a newsperson volunteer in 1998 at SCN for about a year, I would appreciate it.


TJO'Neil, Col, USAF, MC

(was Commander, 24th MDG) 

Date: 2/17/2001
Name: Jane
E-mail: //////twilightjmyahoo.com/////
Comments: Just went through the Guestbook entries. so many from CZ during 60-70's. Sent a number messages regarding reunions. Please check out these site for former friends and events.

www.pancanalsociety.com and www.czbrats.com

you can also link to an alumni sign up and search.

Date: 2/17/2001
Name: Jane
E-mail: //////twilightjmyahoo.com/////
Comments: Just found this site, as a CZ dependent we relied on SCN to get local and national news. The music wasn't too bad either. I am planning my 30th class reunion for Cristobal High School class of 1971. Growing up we had so many friends who were military dependents and have lost touch with. I appeal to parents who raised their children in the Zone to let them know their classmates are always wandering and looking for old friends. That's not to say alot of service men, officers and wives didn't build friendships with zonians.

Check out the Panama Canal Society and search with your internet browser to add your names to the many alumni pages out there or find the class reunion web site. I had friends from 1966 - 1971 that I always wonder about. Do yourself a favor and get the word out. Go CHS Tiger!!

Date: 2/16/2001
Name: Bob Kenward
E-mail: //////kenwardncnets.net/////

Date: 2/6/2001
Name: Charles (Terry) Goyette
E-mail: //////goyetteuswest.net/////
Comments: Lee McGowan phoned this weekend with the news of the SCN website, which is absolutely wonderful. Midge, great work, and it's especially nice to hear about you and how you've been.

My time at SCN (late May 71 - August 72)was not only fun but also formative. I believe Dan Maguire, Gerry Fry, and Ed Waddell were among the finest people I have ever worked with. Let me share a short recollection of each.

Ed Waddell was Sergeant Major of DINFOS when I arrived there, fresh out of basic training. He already had orders himself for the Canal Zone and SCN, and hoping to have as few personnel problems as possible at his new assignment, pulled some strings to have the top three graduates of our DINFOs class assigned along with him. I'm not sure that we were as little trouble as he expected, but Lee, John Montgomery, and I were thankful for the assignment. Ed befriended me on a personal level which was not at all what I had learned to expect in basic training. I was very sorry to learn of his passing from Drew's post, and wish I had been in touch before.

Upon arriving in Panama, Gerry Fry and his wife had us to his home for dinner and made us very welcome. He was a great professional, had an eye for excellence, and was supportive in every possible way. It was also nice, frankly, to have a civilian in the loop!

Col. Maguire was a very fine and insightful man. We were all apprehensive when a new OIC arrived. But at his first station meeting he expressed in quite clear terms his disappointment that there were people working there that didn't know one another's first names, and that would no longer be permitted. Morale and relations between the departments, ranks, and services improved almost immediately. Incidentally, Col. Maguire had a big stuffed chair in the radio studio and would occasionally duck out of his office in the afternoons and come relax, and watch my do my show. I'm not sure he liked the music, but he seemed to enjoy my cocky attitude and humor (well, "enjoy" might be too strong; let's just point out for the record that he didn't bust me!)

I have nothing but fond memories of SCN and the people there. It's nice to have this opportunity to find out about everyone.

-- Charles (Terry) Goyette


Date: 2/4/2001
Name: Lee McGowan
E-mail: //////Leemcgowan7hotmail.com/////
Comments: Scott Richards (now at WBRC-TV Birmingham, Al.) phoned me last night and told me about this GREAT web site! I've got a bunch of pix and as well as a few videos of SCN-TV promos & bumpers...which I believe were the first produced there on the then new 2" quad machines. Hope to get them to Midge soon.

DREW WADDELL - It was GREAT to see your posting, and very very sad to hear of your dads passing. Everyone at SCN thought and knew that he was the BEST. Additionally sad to hear Dennis Fink is gone. I wish we'd had the presence of mind to tape at least one Uncle Bob program. (Dennis used to lay on his bunk with headphones plugged into to is Akai tape machine, which sat on its carrying handles and was top-heavy. Every time he'd roll over, the headphone cord would pull and cause the tape machine to fall over. The potential damage at the time was staggering...but looking back now, it was really very funny!)

As for me, I've been in Southern California since separating in '73 out of the zone, and in San Diego for the past 17 years...still in broadcasting at KyXy/KPLN.

Nice to see postings from GROSS and MOLINO...two absolutely outstanding broadcasters. (But you guys left just after I got there, so you probably don't rememebr me). 

And yeah, where's FRANQUETT?

MIDGE, I'll be sending pix & stuff soon as promised.

'nuff for now.


Date: 2/4/2001
Name: Fred Burchill
E-mail: //////bbonds2000yahoo.com/////
Comments: Great web site, thought that the CZ was only a drug induced bad dream in between college and grad school.

Date: 2/2/2001
Name: Drew Waddell
E-mail: //////dgw808aol.com/////
Comments: My dad Edward D. Waddell was the Command Sargent Major of SCN from 1971-1975. Sorry to hear that Dennis Fink is gone. I had a lot of fun working with him. I remember racing his spitfire he called Lizzy from Gamboa to Ft. Clayton at night. My dad past away on Dec. 20, 2000. The services will be held here in Hawaii on Monday Feb. 5. My father was very proud of the work at SCN. He was a strong believer in civil liberties and free speech. Which I still find funny being he was a career Army NCO.

Date: 1/31/2001
Name: Norman Wilkerson
E-mail: //////nwilkersonvdh.state.va.us/////
Comments: This site is a pleasant surprise. I worked as a journalist at Ft. Amador from 1966-68 and as such supplied lots of stories and copy for scn tv and radio news. will be accessing the site regularly now that I know you are on the web.

Date: 1/31/2001
Name: Jose Toledo
E-mail: //////santa5hotmail.com/////
Comments: Just to say Hi...

Date: 1/29/2001
Name: john gross
E-mail: //////jgrossat5aol.com/////
Comments: Midge,

Great website. Brings back memories.

Thanks for spending the time to put it together.

John Gross

Date: 1/23/2001

Date: 1/22/2001
Name: Sonny Dyon
E-mail: //////sdyonps-av.com/////
Comments: Great site...brings back memories of the best time of my life. 95-98 were great years, it's funny how many people zipped in and out of there in the short period of time. I'm out of the military now, living in L.A. While I have a day job, I am still trying to concentrate on the "Dream." I am currently working on three screenplays and am working with a pretty decent Improv group...drop me a line if you get a chance.

Date: 1/16/2001
Name: John O'Connor
E-mail: //////poppi01earthlink.net/////
Comments: Great to have found the SCN site...with memories of the great efforts we all made to provide R, TV & newspaper...in spite of program restrictions, Quarry Heights censorship and Sam Sumner. I particularly remember the '68 election...where we used Ernie Kovacs' technology to try to do professional jobs for the audiences. Thanks for the memories. Sacramento, CA

Date: 1/8/2001
Name: Gary Thompson
E-mail: //////busboundcswebmail.com/////
Comments: This site is truly beautiful and captures memories of a lifetime for all those associated with SCN. Thanks for sharing, Midge.

Gary Thompson

Former ABS SGM




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