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Date: 5/3/2002
Name: Darryl Leonard
E-mail: //////derbydhotmail.com/////
Comments: This is your boy DNICE, checking in on "Mello Moods", SCN was great and I miss it a lot. At least I'll get to see some of the old faces when I move to Heidelberg, Germany this summer to take over AFN. If any of you are in my hood, feel free to drop by and say hi to a brother!

Date: 4/24/2002
Name: Adrian Cronauer
E-mail: //////adrian.cronauerosd.mil/////

Date: 4/21/2002
Name: Jack Mulvain
E-mail: //////Pvid6aol.com/////
Comments: I was at CFN 1961-1963 when it went from CFN to SCN. I had the pleasure of working and partying with some of the most talented people I have ever known In my 45 years of broadcasting. Many are still close friends. I directed the opening of the Bridge of the Americas when thousands of Panamanians stormed the bridge protesting the name Thatcher Ferry Bridge, named after a CZ engineer, I think. It was later renamed. We were the military broadcasting version of "Mash". As a matter of fact we could have written the scripts.

I was married at Fort Clayton and the SCN staff secretly produced the entire wedding. What stories we have to tell.

Shortly after I arrived as a Private and as a director we got a new OIC. He was a former tank commander and very Army. It really bothered him that I. as a Private, was sometimes directing officers so he brought in an Air Force Sergeant, a terrific guy and a great friend but of limited experience. Well that didn't work out so he kept waving my time in grade and in a short time I was promoted to SP5. It became a joke when people would comment, "It's been a month and you haven't been promoted". I am pleased to have found this site and hope to hear from many of you in the future. 

Date: 3/1/2002
Name: Gabe Ireton, JO2, USN
E-mail: //////bristolridgeattbi.com/////
Comments: "Come-se dice 'Amistad' en Ingles?"


There are some things you NEVER forget!

Hi, Gang -- Navy Journalist Gabe Ireton here. Or, to one or two guys in the audio booth, it was "Navy Journalist Gay....Bireton"...!

Anyway, glad to see there's a move afoot to get together. But, after what we did to Avenida Central, I don't think Vegas can handle us.

Anyway, quick bio: left Navy, went to college, got into print media, dabbled in radio, retired in 1992 from Pittsburgh (PA) Post-Gazette.

I may have some ID for people in the photos.

Keep in touch!

Date: 2/22/2002
Name: Ed Figueroa
E-mail: //////satman25032cs.com/////
Comments: Would like to e-mail with any scner. I was the RCA/GE rep to SCN from 1985 to 1990. The again from 94 to the closing days. 

Date: 2/15/2002
Name: Robert Hale
E-mail: //////rdh124cox.net/////
Comments: June 72-Dec 73

Radio DJ, TV news announcer

Our first child born Ancon CZ

Currently Gilbert Arizona (Phoenix)

Date: 2/7/2002
Name: Benjamin Williams Jr
E-mail: //////williabesoc.mil/////     OR      //////williamsben1yahoo.com/////
Comments: Just wanted to say I enjoy looking at the site and remembering good times from SCN. I sent an e-mail with bio info. Please e-mail me back to let me know if you received it.

Date: 2/1/2002
Name: Colin Graham
E-mail: //////carsvillagechev.com/////
Comments: I've meant to sign in here over the past 6 months and every time I get to this point, something interrupts me. I can't believe it's been 10 years already since I left SCN, it really doesn't seem like it. I spoke to Jeff Anderson last year. It was really good to hear from him. Unlike many people who leave SCN and never get back, I've been to Panama almost yearly since I PCS'ed. The building (as of Jan 2001) looked really lonely, and everything on Ft. Clayton looked mostly unused. I'm currently a sales manager at a Minneapolis area Chevrolet dealer. Things are going well! I'll always reflect back fondly on my time at SCN. The people I met and the job I had were outstanding! Hope to hear from those of you I knew, and I'll try my best to write back. 


Date: 1/29/2002
Name: Karen Harvey-Nowowieski
E-mail: //////kareshotmail.com/////
Comments: Okay, I read everyone else's entry, and now need to add my own. SCN'r from 95-97. I love it. Melanie Marcec and I perfected the two hour lunch, and I never missed the snow. I bore the hell out of my staff with the stories! Love the site....what a wonderful trip down memory lane!

Date: 1/26/2002
Name: Ron Landy
E-mail: //////ronlandymail city.com/////
Comments: fantastic website. Brought back great memories.


Date: 1/20/2002
Name: Heather Hanson, best volunteer C.I. had!
E-mail: //////yachtgirl4aol.com/////
Comments: I was a student volunteer from August 97 to June 98. I loved working there; it got me away from high school every day. I was in charge of the "Let's Go" (but don't tell Brian Saunders that). Thanks to my experience there, it helped me get my first PAYING job at the TV station on campus at the University of West Florida where I am a physics major. I now understand why everyone always wanted out of master control! I found it funny that I had more responsibility volunteering at SCN than my paying job. I have since quit working at that TV station and am now working in the physics department.

I lived in Panama from 1988-1998 so I watched a lot of SCN growing up. Anyone who remembers me, feel free to drop me a line. I may have hated Panama, but I loved working at SCN.

Date: 1/19/2002
Name: Bill Hodgson
E-mail: //////texwordhotmail.com/////    OR    //////sbcglobalprodigy.net/////
Comments: I was with CFN from about April or May of 1959 to late 1962. I arrived there along with John Makela, Chuck Kelly, Sid Stark and Ron Rice. A Capt. Parish was the OIC and MSGT. Tony Valentino the NCOIC. Jim Pattison was program director. Others there when I arrived included Chuck Renner, Dee Trantor, Phil Jacobs, Ike Selik, Jan Christensen, Ken Mullins, Don Findley and Gordon (Stoney) Stone. Others who arrived while I was there were Joe Cioken, Gabe Ireton, Ron Linderman, Don Boddy, Jim Cook, ??? Dempsey, Dave Borenaz and Bill Whitehead among others - including a new NCOIC who promptly informed us that he wore his first name on his sleeve. I'm not sure of some of these spellings.

I would enjoy hearing from any of y'all.

Date: 1/10/2002
Name: Toledo, Jose
E-mail: //////toledojafn.frankfurt.army.mil/////
Comments: Your site is getting better every day, you said to post changes in the guess book....so here is some changes for me...

I got to SCN in October 1990 and left in July 1998 presently I'm the Chief Engineer for AFNE at Frankfurt, Germany.....I will try to get some pictures for you at a later day....Jose 

Date: 1/6/2002
Name: J. Alan Warner
E-mail: //////jalanjeepaol.com/////
Comments: I was a Corporal who worked out of the Fort Clayton Public Affairs Office from Nov 1987 to Dec 1989. I sure miss those people at the Tropic Times and SCN. Monique Cher, Scooter, Col. Hall, Vickie Boatwright, Pandora McNatt, Laura Wilson, Lori Scott-Keller...where are you?? Sure miss the good times!

Date: 1/3/2002
Name: Gary R. Mountjoy
E-mail: //////|gkgcamaol.com/////
Comments: Fort Clayton 937th Engineering Battalion, IAGS, worked on OH-23G Albrecht Airfield, crewchief, served in Venezela.

1967 to 1968 Left Panama went to Vietnam. Looking for anyone.



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