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CFN TV 1950's

Photo of patch courtesy of Jack Essex




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E SCN 4.jpg (66954 bytes)

Ike Selig

running the "SHOE BOX" camera for a kids show

The host appears to be Kathy Holcomb reading stories to children. 

Please let us know if you are familiar with this show which aired in 57-59.

  Photo courtesy Ike Selig

E SCN 1.jpg (93249 bytes)

"Ike's POP SHOP"


Al Hazan  


signing autographs for the kids dancing on the Friday afternoon  

  Photo courtesy Ike Selig

E SCN 8.jpg (82377 bytes)

Actress Terri Moore 


being interviewed by a staff member

(Please help identify CFN staff member)

Photo courtesy Ike Selig

E CFN1.jpg (130499 bytes)

Channing Grigsby (Behind the podium)

Tom Sherman (Cameraman)

Photo courtesy Channing Grigsby

E CFN2.jpg (106574 bytes) Behind podium on left: Tom Sherman

First Cameraman in silhouette on left: Gerry Sturges

Second cameraman (arm raised to cue) Bruce Glenn

Crouching lighting person: unidentified

Behind the second podium on right: A. J. Carrothers

On ladder: Channing Grigsby


Photo courtesy Channing Grigsby   

E CFN3.jpg (105955 bytes)

Behind podium: A. J. Carrothers

First cameraman in silhouette: Gerry Sturges

On ladder: Channing Grigsby

Second cameraman (crouching) Bruce Glenn (?)


Photo courtesy Channing Grigsby 


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