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1970's TV Crew




Michael Russnow


Master Contol 

Election Coverage

Bill Knowles



Midge England 

Volunteer Camera Operator



(reconstructed composite replacement of a lost slide. Photo is full size)


Unknown seated at the console

SCN-TV control room was extensively modified during the changeover to color cameras aprox 1977. You can barely see the cameras out in the studio). The audio console was moved  to the left of the TD, the early character generator is to the right of the audio board, the microwave rack is back in the corner and all the monitors are stacked up. It was pretty cramped . . .

Courtesy Dave Hart

Bob Young



Courtesy Bob Young

Fred Burchill


Denis Fink


Courtesy Vince Holcomb O'Connor

APaulHolter.jpg (23469 bytes)

Paul Holter Jr


Wayne Vanevenhoven from Oshkosh, WI

 Chuck McCann


Bob Rupp


Ron Woody (rear)

Bill Knowles? (foreground)


SCN1972.jpg (112224 bytes)
  • LTC Dan Maguire (Army), SCN Officer in Charge;
  • Bob Kingsley, then host of an AFRTS radio show and for many years since host of nationally-syndicated “American Country Countdown;”
  • Gerry Fry, SCN Program Director.
  • LTC Dan Maguire
  • Terry Goyette;
  • Bob Kingsley
  • Tom Colvin
  • John Fisher; 
  • Bob Rupp
  • Paul Warhanik kneeling left
  • Phil Delaney kneeling right
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