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SCN Drug Impairment Spot

I found this bootlegged SCN video posted on the internet by an unknown 3rd Party. I was unable to identify the person posting this video so I did not know if they were affiliated with SCN or not... so I created this page linked to that SCN video so our visitors could enjoy it. It was much better quality than the videos I provided.

If you posted this video, please contact me so I can create a nice tribute page for your collection... it doesn't matter if you were affiliated with SCN. We are interested in all SCN videos and photos and would be happy to create a page on our website to herald your SCN collection and provide credit for your contribution.

If you were affiliated with SCN and your bio is missing from this website, please send me your info ASAP and I will correct that immediately. No name has been intentionally omitted.  midge56aolcom


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