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Canal Video Segments
Various sources


The Films had to be broken into smaller segments for online video viewing. However, you can opt to watch the PLAYLIST which links all of the segments together in order for viewing in its entirety.

Canal Film Segments & Playlists

The Panama Canal Movie PLAYLIST pt 1-4
The Panama Canal pt 1
The Panama Canal pt 2
The Panama Canal pt 3
The Panama Canal pt 4

The Panama Canal Transit PLAYLIST pt 1-2
Panama Canal Transit pt 1
Panama Canal Transit pt 2

1992 Cayuco Race PLAYLIST pt 1-5
Cayuco Race 1992 pt 1
Cayuco Race 1992 pt 2
Cayuco Race 1992 pt 3
Cayuco Race 1992 pt 4
Cayuco Race 1992 pt 5



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