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Michael Russnow was a talented addition to the SCN Radio & Television Team in the Panama Canal Zone, where he was assigned  during his tour in the Army from 1969 to 1971. While at SCN, Michael Russnow worked a variety of jobs in production and as a popular on-air TV personality. 


Michael Russnow's  innovative ideas were a showcase of his future potential in the entertainment industry. 


Some of his SCN productions include:

  • "A Walk on Broadway"

  • "The World of Barbara Moller" 

  • Election Coverage

  • plus  interviews with Miss Universe and other celebrities.

After SCN


Michael moved back to the LA area where he has remained since 1971. Upon return to the US, Michael went to work for Senator Alan Cranston of California. 

Michael's post SCN achievements are a legacy of his quite impressive career as a talented writer for such well known series as:

Recent Info

Michael is currently living in "trendy" West Hollywood, CA near the strip. A member of the Writers Guild of America and successful writer. Michael just recently completed his new book "Hollywood on the Danube" about doing a soap opera in Budapest, where he lived for several months while researching his latest Novel. Michael has also been a contributing columnist for "The Huffington Post" for the last 2 years.



Upon leaving SCN, Michael Russnow started the original efforts to keep the SCN alumni in contact with each other by creating an alumni news letter which his former coworkers enjoyed for many years.


Many of his former coworkers at SCN remember his appearance as a contestant on the TV game show, "Split Second" where he successfully won a new car.

Special accomplishments

Michael Russnow was on the WGA Board of Directors from 90 - 94 and successfully spearheaded special Oscar recognition for Myrna Loy and Deborah Kerr as well as Royal Honor for Deborah Kerr.




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