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A Tribute to Michael Russnow 


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Click on any button link above to see our tribute to the many achievements of Michael Russnow.  I have assembled a brief overview of his career accomplishments, a biographical overview, a video interview of Michael on the Stanley Dyrector show, a magazine article on his projects in Europe, his collection of Panama photos, his collection of video's as well as this tribute to his devotion to Deborah Kerr and Myrna Loy. 

For those who may not know, Michael Russnow had the deepest admiration and devotion for actress Deborah Kerr & Myrna Loy with both whom he was a dedicated friend for many years. 

Michael had known actress Myrna Loy whom he had met while still a boy in school. Deborah Kerr was a great Lady of quiet, unassuming resolve whom Michael treasured and admired unconditionally. He was distressed to learn that neither Great Actress had ever received an Oscar for their many wonderful roles in so many great motion pictures. Although, Deborah Kerr had been nominated for an Oscar award 6 times, she had never been selected to receive that ultimate recognition by the Oscar committee. 

Myna Loy had also held such distinction in the hearts of her adoring public. Unlike Deborah, Myrna Loy had never once been nominated for any of the wonderful roles she had played in many well-known classics. So Michael made it a personal endeavor to see to it that both ladies received the recognition they were both long overdue.  

A Hollywood screenwriter, Michael Russnow was resolute in his determination to ensure that Deborah Kerr & Myrna Loy should receive recognition for their lifelong accomplishments. Deborah was an exceptional actress of a stature and greatness only a few Hollywood Legends have ever hoped to achieve. Michael felt a great injustice had been done to such a beloved and talented actress. 

Michael dedicated tireless efforts knocking on every door in Hollywood to garner support for additional recognition of both Kerr & Loy's achievements and the many awards which had never come to fruition. It is Michael Russnow's unsung devotion to Deborah Kerr & Myrna Loy and his success in obtaining those recognitions and awards for both great actresses... which I felt should be recognized with this small tribute to honor his successful endeavors in obtaining those recognitions & honors for both great actresses.

Michael, a contributing columnist for The Huffington Post has written numerous articles over the past 2 years, including one about Deborah Kerr which you can read on the following link: 
Deborah Kerr

There are a few special (non SCN) Videos I would like to add to Michael's Video Gallery. One video which which means a great deal to him which I wanted to add to this tribute for his unwavering devotion and  loyal dedication to his cherished friend, actress Deborah Kerr. It is a very touching video of Deborah Kerr receiving her long overdue Oscar and will bring tears to your eyes. 
Deborah Kerr receiving Special Oscar Award

The other set of videos are of Michael himself telling Stanley Dyrector on a TV interview about the great memories of his life and career.
Michael Russnow interview on the Stanley Dyrector show pt 1
Michael Russnow interview on the Stanley Dyrector show pt 2
Michael Russnow interview on the Stanley Dyrector show pt 3
Michael Russnow interview on the Stanley Dyrector show pt 4

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