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Some of these spots & promos are very clever, cute & funny

PLAYLIST of all Promos & Spots
SCN Denis Fink (Uncle Bob) as Cinderella NCO Ball Promo 1970
SCN Bob Kenward & Marty Fry NCO Ball Promo 1970
SCN Voting Promo 1970 CZ Library Promo 
Tiger Crime prevention spot Evil Within - Safety Spot 
Haunted Houses - Promo Caveman Spot
Captain Zap Captain Conservation
SCN Final July 4th 1999 promo Seatbelt spot
SCN Closings spot Army Values Promo #1
SCN Plan to Fail Daily Message Army Values Promo #2
Election 1988 spot Army Values #3
Radio spot Army Promo #4
Drug Impairment spot Army Values #5
Safety Spot SCN Boxing Promo
School Bus safety spot Sunscreen Promo
SCN Home Alone PSA Bicycle Safety spot
Drink & Swim Safety spot Military History spot
Car Maintenance Safety spot Traffic Spot
Survival Spanish spots Exercise Burn promo
SCN Feedback Survey Promo Rollerblade safety
SCN Stove safety Spot Government vehicle spot
SCN Coatimundi spot




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