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SCN Videos Found on the Internet



Important: Anyone whose video is linked below -  please Click Here

This is a menu of SCN videos which I found posted on the internet by 3rd Parties who I was unable to identify. Most of these videos are better quality than what I could provide so I created pages linking to each video so our visitors can enjoy them.

If you have any videos listed on this page, contact me and I will create a menu page on our website to properly tribute & credit you with your SCN video or photo collection regardless of your affiliation with SCN. Any SCN videos & photos are welcome. 

Menu of Videos Description
Safety Spot SCN Home Safety Spot #1 (1990's)
Captain Zap SCN Energy waste Promo (1991)
Captain Conservation SCN Water waste Promo (1990's)
Caveman Spot SCN Caveman Cleanliness spot (1980's)
Evil Within - Safety Spot  SCN "Evil Within" Safety spot (1980's)
Haunted Houses - Promo SCN "Halloween Haunted House" Promo
Election 1988 spot SCN Election 1988 spot
Radio spot SCN "Radio spot" shown on SCN TV
Drug Impairment spot SCN "Drug Impairment" spot
Tiger Crime prevention spot SCN "Tiger" Crime prevention spot 1988 (Cute!)
School Bus safety spot SCN CZ school bus safety spot #2
CZ Library Promo  SCN (A very cute) CZ Library promo from SCN
Drink & Swim Safety spot SCN drinking & Swimming safety spot #3
Car Maintenance Safety spot SCN Car Maintenance safety spot #4
Survival Spanish spots SCN (cute) survival Spanish spots 
SCN Boxing Promo SCN Aries Early, Darryl Leonard, B. Sanders
Station ID 2 SCN-AFRTS Station ID #2 Environment

NOTE: If your SCN video has been linked to this menu, it means I found your SCN video posted on the internet and was unable to determine your identity. But I wanted to share your video with our website visitors.

If you were affiliated with SCN, I did not recognize your identity. Please let me know ASAP & I will build a special video tribute page to credit you and herald your SCN video or photo collections. If your name is missing from the website bios, please send me your info ASAP so I can correct that right away. No one has been purposely omitted.

If you were not affiliated with SCN & you are willing to share your SCN video collection with us, contact me and I will also create a special  tribute page & menu for your entire SCN collection our website. We are always interested in any SCN videos or photos from any source. 

Contact me at  midge56aolcom





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