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There are more than 150 videos available here for you to watch. This is ALL we have. There are no others. The US Military ordered all of the SCN libraries destroyed in 1999... The only surviving videos and recordings are those which were kept by individuals. We will be happy to add any videos or films in any formats which you have.


The playlist menu will allow you to see an entire show with all the segments strung together in order where applicable. The SCN Final news broadcast and final production "All Good Things" have been re-uploaded as a new streaming video on youtube to make it easier to watch if you had problems in the past

Video Menu Description

PLAYLIST VIDEO SELECTION MENU Playlists will allow you to see all segments in order
SCN & AFRTS Station ID Menu Excellent Station ID Productions
SCN Spots & Promos  Menu Clever SCN Productions 
SCN News Feature Menu SCN TV News Stories
1970's SCN Production Menu Promos, Denis as Cinderella, Kenward
1980's SCN Production Menu My name is panama, Community Scene, SCN News
1990's SCN Production  Menu On Tour, Answer Line
Bootleg SCN Video Menu excellent SCN productions found on the Internet
1964 Riot footage (silent) Actual footage of riots & flag pole incident
"Community Scene" News Menu Menu of Community Scene news features
"My Name is Panama" Menu Tours to Taboga, Contadora, Colonial Panama, etc
"On Tour" Menu Tours to Costa Rica, San Blas, El Valle, Chiriqui, etc.
Chicken Man Radio Series Animated animation of origin of Chicken man's 1st radio episode
SCN "Ghosts of Bldg 209" Menu History of SCN & Crew - Gabe Ireton Production
Michael Russnow Gallery Menu Russnow's Collection of SCN 70's Videos
Jim Lillie Video Gallery Menu SCN videos, sloth, coatimundi's, blackhawk 
Historic Panama Video Footage Menu original footages of Riots & Canal construction
SCN Final News Broadcast Menu SCN Final News Broadcast - July 1999
All Good Things Menu SCN Final Closing Show - July 1999
Interesting CZ Video Gallery Menu Gallery of interesting CZ videos
Larry Schneck greetings from Japan A Christmas Greeting
SCN Website on the news Menu John Gross, John Pronk Production
1992 Cayuco Race episode Menu Coverage 1992 Cayuco race through Canal-entire show
Canal Movies, transit & History menu Entire movies & short films about the canal
Silent Canal Construction Films Entire series of silent films of the canal construction

 CZ Safety Spots

CZ Safety Spots



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